O que e informacao?

Now, Data Crow will delete empty tables required for the new Music Album module.

O que é a Artrite Reumatóide (AR)?

If they contain records, the upgrade will fail. As you can see I have released today another bug fix release for the reporting.

Overall, stability has much improved. Not all bug fixes were related to the 4. One note worthy change has been the removal of the XSLT driven reports. It was clunky at best as you could only create reports by creating XLST templates with the use of a text editor. The new report engine use Jasper Reports from Jaspersoft. These reports can be designed using there free for use Jaspersoft Studio, que. I have updated the Create Reports Guide informacao? users wanting to create their own reports to be found in informacao?

download section. This web site has also seen some changes; I have included the donation driven feature development. Of course this is a way for me to generate some additional money but it also brings added benefits for persons donating to Data Crow anyway as they can determine which features to be developed first. I would like to stress that I will keep on working on Data Crow and that Data Crow will remain free for use at all times. Even features developed through the donation process will be released freely to the public, including the source code.

I have moved the download location over to Fosshub. Fosshub brings Data Crow additional benefits and is also very professionally looking. In the meantime I have also been working on the web version of Data Crow. Development with Primefaces 5 is still a breeze. The components they offer are smart looking and quite easy to implement. I am still on schedule for the 4. First tests have proven the Data Crow web version to be very responsive it's blazingly fast!

The combination of the improved Data Crow 4 architecture, Primefaces 5 and the Jetty Web Server has proven to be quite powerful. Onwards to the future! Many users had an issue where the report was not generated at all this also happened in version 3. I have finally been able to fix the issue which wasn't easy; on all my test environment it worked correctly.

As a reminder; the Create Report Guid has been updated, informacao?. You can find it in the download section. Was reported fixed in version 4. The functionality has been tested and has been confirmed to solve the issue. Existing files will no longer be overwritten. The download links for the software have been changed so that they bring you directly to the Data Crow landing page.

Please pay a visit to their site, it's very nice! Note that a new version of the Create Report manual has been released as well, fully updated with the changes of Data Crow 4.

This was an old issue which was hard to simulate. An additional check has been added to check whether the file is accessible. Additionally the importer now only tries to match an item on import by ID in case the match and merge option has been checked.

This version now features full support for Jasper Reports http: Additionally you can use the free Jaspersoft Studio Software to create reports, graphically, informacao?. This brings a lot more see more to the reporting capabilities of Data Crow, que. Data Crow generates the reports on the exported XML files. A new section Custom Modules que been added. I have que the one module which informacao? send to me a long time ago.

If you are the author, let informacao? know so I can add your name as the author of this module. The Donation information has been changed as well. Most importantly I have introduced the concept of the funded feature development.

Read the donations section for more information. I have decided against making any changes in the code, focusing solely on fixing issues informacao? avoiding the introduction of new issues. I am starting to realise I informacao? need a tester for this software This occurred for larger module exports holding an x number of large images. As an added que it works now much faster. The quick filter is now placed directly on the toolbar itself.

The setting [toggle quick filter] has now been removed. With the complete overhaul of Que Crow, which was the upgrade from version 3. With this release I have the latest reported issues fixed and closed out. Informacao? to the maintenance of this version I have not done any development on the web version this week. Looking informacao? the current schedule I am still on track though.

This weekend however I will focus on the reports first. Note that custom Record Label settings will be reset to accommodate for this minor change. It also improves que handling of startup problems. When the database load fails informacao? to inconsistencies Data Crow would in the past just show the user login page. Now, Data Crow will rename the database, show the correct error and close Data Crow. On a next start Data Crow is started with a clean new database. The user can now restore the informacao?

backup. The faulty database does informacao? exists and can be send by email to analyze and fix if possible, O que e informacao?. The option to copy the data has been made informacao? option from the user folder selection dialog. Most users however upgrade directly which is actually almost enforced by Data Crow. Data Crow will now warn the user in case the old database requires a different upgrade path, such as first upgrading to version 3.

Data Crow will not allow the user to continue to avoid database corruption. On the quick filter bar I have now also informacao? an icon to quickly open informacao?

advanced filter dialog. With this change the quick filter bar is simpler to use whereas the advanced filter dialog can be used to create filters of a high complexity and remember, these informacao? be saved for re-use. Note; it is not possible to use regex expressions in the quick filter not supported by the underlying HSQL database. Creates a zip file containing all files needed for identifying and resolving problems.

The bug causes a startup error, introduced by the 4. I've fixed 2 additional upgrade issues which occurred for some users. This message was intended for the server installation only. The client doesn't need this anymore with this version. It also makes changes to the quality of the images shown in the overviews.

An empty fonts folder will now be created by the installer. The library caused issues with the tree panels such as incorrect item counts or even preventing loading the items at all. You might be asked to remove it manually in case it was not fully successful.

You migth still be looking for the major changes in your version, thinking "ohhh-kay, where is it? Long story short; all the hard work I have put into will not be apparent to you if you are using Data Crow as a standalone version.

To achieve that I had to rewrite most of the Data Crow coding around accessing and managing data. I had to do this anyway at some point as the code was quite old and with new insights could do with major improvements. It clears the way for me to start thinking about replacing the good old Swing GUI in the long run.

In the short run it makes it much more suitable to create a web server. Long time users of Data Crow ran into upgrade issues as I totally forgot sorry about old upgrade scripts which are no longer part of my test environment. These were fixed with version 4. Most issues seem to have been resolved by now. In case you experience any upgrade issues; let me know. The upgrade path to version 4 was a bit adventurous due to my decision to late in the project merge the Audio CD and the Music Album modules.

It has annoyed me for a long time that I in the past had decided to have a separate file based and a separate CD based music module. I have always refrained from merging these as user made changes would be lost. In the end it had to be done anyway; it just didn't make sense.

If you have made extensive changes to either of these modules, let me know, your data will not have been lost but manual steps will be required to bring your data back into version 4. This weekend I have looked into adding Jetty 9 a web server and Primefaces 5 and stumbled upon some minor inconveniences in the Application Server coding; it needs to load the online service.

Additionally the File Synchronizers and importers are loaded. These require different versions of the libraries as required by the web server. As the file synchronizers and the online services have no use on the server anyway I will change this as to remove these dependencies altogether.

As the previous web version was written in just a couple of days I expect to have a new web version available within the next 2 months at the latest. It will however fully complete the architecture of Data Crow, making it available as a standalone application, an application server with thick chubby? The standalone version and the application server are already part of version 4. Android App development will start after the 4.

Bug fixes will also be postponed apart from critical bugs to version 4. It fixes the reported upgrade errors and contains a performance fix. Additionally I uploaded the latest versions of the manuals see download section. Marco Artioli was so kind to deliver an Italian version of the Client-Server documentation download. Do not install this version on top of an old Data Crow 3 version 3. Install it to a new location instead.

The latest major version of Data Crow is now available for download. The main change is the addition of a full application server to which clients can connect. Do not install this version on top of the old version. It can be downloaded from the Sourceforge. This is a zipped version only. You'll find a PDF file describing how the server and the client works.

This is a test version only and is not yet the full and complete 4. Please help me in testing this monstrosity! Unzip and read the instructions in the txt files. For testing the server-client make sure to supply a correct -userdir: You can create a new one using the client. For testing the client make sure to start the client using the -client parameter as otherwise it will start the full client. I am just back from a long holiday and am all charged up and ready to continue.

The last months have been hectic. Now however I can finally fully focus on the 4. It's a long a boring task but the end is in sight. Meanwhile I have created and tested the first network hooks. So far it's looking good! I have planned a full week of development in the week of february 24 to finish most of the network coding.

I'll definitely release a beta version first as I have changed so much in such as short period. Testing will be essential. I have most likely broken several things along the way. I won't comment on the donation status for this month. Let me just say January was great! Next is the network layer for which the structure is already in place. I have fully divided the code into the three main parts; server, client and core. I have worked further on the server code and the connection layer between the client and the server.

First I will however have to make sure that the old mode standalone application is working. To achieve both I have put in place a connector layer. A connector takes care of all the communication between a client and server but also of direct connections the standalone mode. This architecture works great since this will allow me to create other connector types in the near future. I have recently shifted priorities in the development what!? I have been updating the code and separating it into three parts; datacrow-core, datacrow-client and datacrow-server.

This is where it gets a bit more nerd-ish The new core and server library have no dependency towards the GUI. There will be no more code mixture bad practice between GUI and "infrastrure" code.

A headless server this actually has been requested over and over and over again will therefore be fully possible. Better yet, that is precisely what I am working on. I know that not all of you okay, most of you will not be interested per se in running a client-server program at home. No fear, running just on one machine will be fully supported as it always has been. So will you benefit? This will neatly tie in with the new web development and the Android App development in the near future the deadline is now pushed back to summer, Maybe I will run a server myself, somewhere in the cloud, to allow for a central repository.

Anyway, that's not on the road map, so I'll stop right there. Server-client mode; what will it do? You will be able to run a server it will not be a complicated thing to do, promise and connect with as many clients as needed to this server. Technically the server will be the host for the application settings not all of them, only settings such as the field and other data related settings. Also it will be the owner of the data, the modules and the reports.

If a client has administrative rights he or she can decide to change the settings and push these to the clients. Same goes for module and report changes. What else will be in version 4. The following still applies: I am doing all of these changes at once as I have been withholding these for too long. The Data Crow platform is a solid one, but, it could do with a bit of a makeover. Solid, as I have noticed that many parts of the code are actually well suited for server-client development.

The weakspot will still be the web application. Development of which will start right after the 4. All of this will run on the, currently in development, new architecture.

Beginning of March I informacao? have a beta version available for testing purposes, O que e informacao?. Confident I can make this date as the server code and the restructuring is well under its way. So here it is, the announcement of Data Crow version 4. All of the above will make the Data Crow see more much more flexible and will accommodate for some of the most requested for features of all time.

This is going to be awesome! Que now and ever I have fixed the issue where ratings are not shown correctly in the Quick View. Fixed some other minor bugs. Read the changelog for more information text file, opens in a new window. Still working on the Android App. Little loss of information aspect ratio and other technical details but at least it is working now.

It's also a bit quicker then the older version, so all is well. Other fixes are mainly in the area of module creation and item import. Thanks to Bill's Bargain Basement Books for helping with testing. Although you have to be crazy to be developing on a too hot summer day I actual did just that and managed to fix a problem I wanted to fix for a long, long time.

I squeezed in a couple of changes here and there as well. You won't see another release soon unless critical bugs start to pop up so enjoy! It only took a couple of days and then it got replaced by version 3. This really is for the most part a cosmetic edition.

I have changed the layout a bit further. This is also a preparation for the web GUI since I want to keep the layout for both the same, for as far as possible.

Due to the list of changes made and the addition of new functionality I have decided to release this as a normal version instead of a minor version.

This card contains the guidelines, an evaluation section and a informacao? section to be given to the patient. Thank you for your patience. Commercial companies must obtain written approval from MASCC and will incur a nominal fee for using this tool. Que was a longitudinal, descriptive, feasibility que conducted in an ambulatory thoracic oncology disease center at informacao? Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, Massachusetts.

Thirty adult patients with lung cancer, who were being treated with the oral agent erlotinib, participated in the study with 27 completing. Participants showed high knowledge levels and MMAS-8 scores. They reported a median of two side effects. The structured education sessions and follow-up monitoring ranged from 14 to 30 minutes. Given the positive results, this intervention appears effective and feasible to integrate into the thoracic oncology setting.

This study included no objective measures of treatment adherence, and the authors recommend that this should be done in the future.

They also advocate the development of strategies for delivering supportive care to patients at home. It also facilitated documentation. Oncology Nursing Forum Jul 1;42 4: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.

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